Calibration Services of Test and Measurement Equipment

Calibration Services of Test and Measurement Equipment
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Calibration Services of Test and Measurement Equipment

At Sears Calibration, we’ve built a reputation for providing rapid and precise test and measurement instrument calibration services. In our state-of-the-art ANSI Z-540, ISO 9001, and ISO 10012 accredited lab, certified technicians can conduct a broad range of calibration, repair, compliance, performance, and tolerance tests on instruments from many manufacturers for customers in many industries. Calibration parameters include force, torque, and temperature, and we offer three different levels of service, ranging from basic pass/fail reporting up to full accredited calibrations, to meet your specific application needs.

We are capable of providing in-lab calibration, verification, and repair of any type general purpose test and measurement instrument, and are experts in the DC to microwave, time and frequency, as well as chemical, dimensional, and mechanical disciplines. No instrument leaves our lab unless it is operating according to manufacturer specifications and is fully compliant with any applicable regulations. As part of the Sears organization, we offer nothing short of the high quality service that is synonymous with the name. Being under the corporate umbrella also enables us to offer you economies not available from standalone laboratories.

For a list of instrument types and our extensive testing capabilities, refer to the information below. If you would like more information on our test and measurement instrument calibration services, contact us today.

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Past Calibration Experience

Test and Measurement Equipment Calibration Capabilities

General CapabilitiesCalibration
Performance Test
Specification Check
Tolerance Testing
DisciplineDC to Microwave (Frequency Band)
Chemical Calibration
Mechanical Calibration
Time and Frequency
Calibration ParameterForce
Calibration LevelsCertificate Only
Certificate with Data
Accredited Calibration
In-Lab Calibration and VerificationElectrical / Electronic
Physical / Dimensional
Process Instrumentation
Analytical Instruments
Mechanical Devices
BK Precision
Calibration Services ForAmmeter
Current Source < 20 A (AC/DC)
Frequency/Time (UTC and PPS)
Microwave Survey Meter
Multimeters (Handheld and Bench)
Oscilloscope < 1.1 GHz
Power Supply (AC/DC)
Resistance < 20 GΩ
Tachometer (Inductive and Optical)
Temperature (IR, RTD, TC, TC Simulate and LIG)
Voltage Source < 1,000 V AC/DC
Physical / Dimensional Test DevicesCaliper < 24 in
Carbon Monoxide Detector / Meter
Micrometer < 10 in
Micrometer Masters
Pressure Gauge < 10,000 psi
Steel Rules
Thread Plug Gauges/Rings
Torque Wrench < 250 ft-lb
Torque Wrench > 250 ft-lb
Scale < 110 Kg / 250 lb
Opto-Mechanical Systems CalibrationLie Detectors
Optical Tachometers
Laser Tachometers
Electronic Systems CalibrationMulti Meters
Hi Pot Testers
Insulation Test Sets
Gage CalibrationPressure Transducers
Pressure Gauges
Vacuum Gauges
Torque Wrenches
Torque Screwdrivers
Dimensional CalibrationCalibers
Gauge Blocks
Angle Blocks
Sensors and Detectors CalibrationOxygen Sensors
Carbon Monoxide Detectors
Explosive Gas Detectors
Repair Services$50 / hour
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Additional Information

Industry FocusAerospace
Industry StandardsISO/IEC 17025
ASQ (American Society for Quality) Certified Technicians
ANSI Z-540
ISO 9001
ISO 10012
NIST Traceable
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